Saturday, April 26, 2008


For yu don't no, momie dadi and I ar movink to Shicago soon. We ar getting apartmunt new for living and excite me. Momie and dadi both layowt made on blogs four new apartmunt. I make too. Heer is layowt for new apartmunt make by me.

Heer layowt is me. (Dadie taked pikshur.)

Heer is momi layowt:

Heer dadie is layowt:
Layowt for by me is best. I no.


Jim Elek said...

hey little one, you should put the plastic fish near the remote control, better for fung-shui. i hope i spelled that right, but it doesn't matter u get the idea. how was your baptism? sorry i couldn't be there, i miss you.... love ya- uncle jimbo

Tim & Deane said...

Hello Sweetie. I like the way you put the pacifier in the middle of the apartment. Every home needs peace and harmony at the center. So, I guess you are well onto your way to be a super organizer like your mommy. I like the way you have your duck[s] lined up.

Good job!

(to send this to you, I had to type "eixqzyjw". Do you have any idea what that means?)

Jim Elek said...

please post soon,,,,,,uncle Jimbo misses you.

Jim Elek said...

so now that u r crawling and stuff, u r 2 busy to blog? wazzzupwitdat?