Saturday, April 12, 2008

wow with da nosing

so yes, this is weerd thing that happuns in my nose. i sit on floor, on chayer, in lap, on televishun, in bathtub, and nose gets slime in it. i then haf to make lowd noise, close eyes, and blow out nose very really hard. then, i feel gud and say "awhhh." mom laf lots when i do.

but still, slime leeky out my nose, and is salty. i no is salty becuz i eet lots of it too. i don't no four shur, but i think eeting nose slime is gross.

the end.


Jim Elek said...

awesome post. nose slime is gross. do not grow up to eat it like your uncle jimbo does. it is not acceptable to enjoy nose slime at a restaurant. love ya and ur nasty little nose slime kiddo. now go and grow some teeth so you can bite your daddy for uncle jimbo. peace out kiddo

Norah said...

I is with tooth growed. it not past gums yet, but I am noing tooths is there. Hurt bad. Also, because eeting plastic keys a lot.