Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Vidyo.

I no. Long, tyme nothing posting. But now I have new vidyo of me for to posting. Below is vidyo of me in play pen. I like am in zoo. Like tigers. And lions. And monkees. But monkees throw poop. I no poop throwing. Just watch vidyo.


Jim Elek said...

Awesome! can I come and play with you? you are getting so big. at one point, when you went "AAAHHHHHHGGGGGHHH", I went "AAAAHHHHHHHGGGGGHHHH" right back. See you soon. Love Ya- uncle Jimbo

Tim & Deane said...

Norah!! You are getting so big!! Look at you pulling yourself up, and I love the way you were reading that book. I miss you ssoooooo much!!

Tim 2 said...


btw Norah,

If it's brown, flush it down!

Nora S. said...


You're getting so big. I miss you very much and hope you come visit us in Wheeling real soon!! Love, Nora