Tuesday, December 11, 2007

One Week Old

Helo. I am now 1 weak old, and I hav lurnd lots. Befor I get to that, I want to tel yu abowt a magik masheen my daddie has. He puts me in the masheen, and then he gets in the masheen, and mommie gets in the masheen. Then he mayks the masheen turn loud and it shakes my seet and I always fall asleeping. I kant not fall asleeping bekuz the masheen is magik. Then, when daddie turns the masheen off, we are on a diffrunt planut. I am amazed by this masheen and I wish everyone had one becuz it is magik.

Heer is the top 5 list of wut I lurnd in 1 week.
  1. My hed is hevy.
  2. If everything is going wrong, and nothing maks me feel gud, i can screem and mommie or daddie will try to make me eet.
  3. To fined the derivative of the product of two funkshuns, take the first times the derivative of the second and add it to the sekond tims the derivative of the first.
  4. Poop feels gross on my legs.
  5. If yu are having a reel bad day, suk on rubber or lay down by the vakyuum.
That is all. I am only one week old, so don't expect much okay? Now, heer is pictures I taked:

This is a pikshur I taked of owr living room. Daddie swaddled me so it wasunt a good pikshur. Sorry.

I brok free of my swaddle by screeming until my lungs hurt, and then I taked these pikshurs. Here is the floor.

Here is my favrut blancette. It has a puppie on it and maks daddie say go browns.

Here is my favrut cowch. Daddie says not to call it a cowch becuz it is a davenport.

Here is my favrut chayr. It sings songs.

I will try to take a picshur of the magik masheen if I kan.


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update you little baby!!!

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thank you, Jim, for not using any expletives on Norah's blog.

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