Friday, January 11, 2008

It taked me 5 weaks to rite this.

If yu thot I lurned a lot my furst weak... forget it. I lurned so much the passed 5 weeks that I get crunk just thinking abowt it.

I met so many peeple. Heer's my thots:

1. Peeple in Cleevland are nuts. The hows is lowd and smells like food. Dogs is lots of fun, and sometimes they lick your face and Daddy tells them no. I like Uncle Jeremy feeding me bottles, and Uncle Jim holding me on his belly, and Uncle Tim blinding me with his kamra. Ant Marisa eets a lot of cheez and lafs a lot. That is fun. Ant Char 1 is quiet, but she smels prety and i liked her to hold me. Aunt Char 2 is a cop. She held me and made a meen face when Daddy taked a picshur. Grandma wares soft sweaters, and sings nice to me. Grandpa has a skratchy fase, and taked me on a walk. It was fun. I reely want to go on more wahks with Grandpa.

2. Canton peeple are nice too. I meeted lots of Canton peeps. I liked the pepperony pizza milk I ate in Canton. I can't wate to go back there.

3. The Bengals are jerks.

4. Beever Falls was fun too. I have small kusins there. One of them likes me and kises me face. The boy kusin walks arownd and likes when the girl kusin chases him. I did not chase him becuz I can't wahk. The other one wayrs glasses and didn't notise me much. But she likes to bounse and grunt. Uncle Jarrod is good at always getting things, but I wish he kud hav held me more. Aunt Hether is very nice and her hart beets fast when she holds me bekuz she is exsited. I like that. Uncle David is a very nise person, and he smiled lots when he holded me. Aunt Peggy seems to like me, and let me see the Chrismas tree a lot. I liked that. Grandma Deb is fun. She liked to bounse me and hold me and hug me. Grandpa Deb looks like Grandpa Tim. That's funny. He is very nice and when he kissed my face his mustash tikled.

5. Boys in college like me. Some of them are lowd and shoot nerf guns at eech other. I want a nerf gun. I liked Ben babysitting me when Mommy and Daddy went owt.

6. I reely like sekund cup. I want to be bak there.

OK. That's why it tuk me 5 weeks to tipe this. It is long. Now I have to practice eating without throwing up on myself.

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