Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Wow! Being born is ROUGH!

Wow. This is me aftur the doktur taked me owt. It was really cold, and I was messie. Now, I am so fresh and so kleen kleen, and I smell gud.

Momie and Dadie seem reelie suhprized that I akshually comed out.

Look how happie they are. And I am sleepie. And grumpy. Because my lungs hurt from breathing for the furst time.

My gramma Elek taked this picture. My daddie said it looks prettie and telled me that I have my mommie's strait lips. Thanks momie. I can't wait till I can hold my head up.

There is more picshurs here.

Sorrie, I didn't get a chanse to drew any picshurs. Have a nise day. Amen.

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