Friday, March 21, 2008

Susanna Blamire

I fownd this poem by Miss Susanna Blamire while surfing the web in Yootaw. It's called "Oh Where is the Splendour." Beeng somewhat vainglorious, I chose to post it heer in hopes of resuscitating its popyoolaritee.

A pairuntly it uses a line from the song "Norah Dear Norah." The song was in William Shield's popular 1783 Opera titled "Poor Soldier" which was George Washington's favorite. Heer is a lynk to the site wayr I fownd that informashun. That site also provides a MIDI of the song. The poem follows:

Oh Where is the Splendour
By Susanna Blamire

O where is the splendour can shine away sorrow,
Or where is the treasure can buy off a sigh!
Did riches e'er purchase the loan of to-morrow,
Or find out a medicine to cure the moist eye ?
Let wealth spread her carpet, and ask the gay hours
To dance in light circles its borders along;
They'd sooner tend Patrick to Nature's green bowers
"With Norah, dear Norah, the theme of his song."

Midst the joys of the heart sits one tender affection
To heal every sorrow when tortur'd with pain;
And, when feeling sinks down into silent dejection,
Sends Hope with her cordial to cheer her again:
Thus love has shown Norah the feints of high station,
And told her that peace seldom joins the gay throng;
While "one sweet smile gives Patrick the wealth of a nation
From Norah, dear Norah, the theme of his song."

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