Friday, March 21, 2008

Majikal Lowd Shaky Room

Wensday my momie and dadie taked me to grandma and grandpa's hows. It was fun, and there was dogs. The yooshooal. Then, something straynge happund. Grandma drived us to a big playse with lotz and lotz of peeple who were angry and taked their shoes off and walked through doorjambs. Men in white shirtz waved a white stick at mommie for a while, and they had to put bags on grosherie store belts. Then, the men in white shirtz let everyone out to a mall where we buy bagels and coffee. Then, we sat down for a long time, and peeple stood in a line. Then a girl in a black shirt told the peeple to walk down a hallway to a small room filled with chairs. Everyone sat down in the chayrs and momie and dadie and I found seets too. Then, everyone felled asleeping. I even felled asleeping. Then, there was a LOWD noize and the whole room started shaking a lot. Then, the shaking stopped and my ears started to feel like they were full, and then they werunt full and then they were full and then they werunt full again and again. The next thing I knew, dadie held me up to a small glass box, and I seed clowds everwhere.
Things were like that for a long time, and then there was a big bump, and a "Bing!" and then everybodie pulled out phones and put white cords in their ears. Then we walked out of the chair room back into the hallway, but we were in a totally diffrunt plase. Then, we walked, and did it again. And again. And again. And then, we left the chair room, and walked down the hallway to another new place, and I seed big big big mowntans. And Uncle Andrew was there! Wow. I yused to think momie and dadie had a magik masheen, (they calls it a "Kar") but that was nothing compared to the lowd shaky room.

Then we got into a Kar and when we got owt, Ant Amanda and Kusin Caleb was there. We eeted dinnur and I felled asleeping. But I kant stop thinking abowt that rooms with chayrs and the lowd shaking and the clowds. I wondur what that was.

Mommie and Daddie kept talking about "Getting bumped" and "Los Angeles" and "Oakland" and "Nashville" and "Salt Lake City" I seed this picshur on the compyutur, so I taked a screenshot and postud it here for you.

I don't know what that meened, but I think the lowd shaky room browt us to a magical place callud Salt Layk Sity Yootaw where there is mowntans and something callud mormans that I havunt sawed yet.

I likud the lowd shaky room, and I sleeped good.


Tim & Deane said...

Norah, so glad you liked the loud shakey room, because if you didn't you might have cried and cried and cried and cried until the whole world put white things in their ears. I hope that never happens.

I look forward to your pictures of Yootaw.

What ever happened with the late night raid for milk? Did you get that bling you wanted?

Norah said...

Dayng! I forgetted all about the raid! Must plan for next time I am home...