Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hello Wurld.

Hello everbudy. My name is Norah Mae Elek. I am a babie. I wil be born soon.

The dokturs said I have hair, but no one can see my hair. Because I live in my mom's belly still.

They say I am supozed to come owt soon, but I'm worried becuz I heard that General Musharraf abolished the Pakistani Constitution and the Supreme Court. That soundz skary. But, it is getting kramped in here, so I'll prolly leave soon.

My Daddy read my Peter Pan the other day. That wuz fun, but I felled asleeping. My favrut part wuz when he sayd: "Wuh frughh du jerg heez hrzzhg wa wa bbrgghgh."

Mommy ate Skitulz last night, and I luved it. Please feed mommy more skittulz.

I hope to kom out soon becuz it is hot in here. And I wahnt to uze my lungs.

Here is a few pikturz I taked last week:

This is from when my mommy eated brownies. I like that. More brownies pleez.

This is from when mommie went for a walk at a park in Wheeling callud Oglebay. That sounded fun and prettie and made me want to kome owt write then.


Wendy said...

I hope you do come out soon. Too bad you're screwing up Malone Thanksgiving for the rest of us.

-Jay and Wendy

Joshua said...


Ryan said...

Does this mean that you will not be coming to Thanksgiving Josh...I hope Norah comes soon...

Carrie Babcock said...

Norah, you are a natural photographer. Can't wait to meet you!!! Just make sure you arrive before November 29th!

Jim Elek said...

Norah- you have excellent grammatical skills for a fetus. However, we need to work on your spelling a bit. Your phonics are quite good, but you misspelled numerous words. I was quite disappointed that my first neice would not blog about her favorite football team, the CLEVELAND BROWNS, but that is okay. I'll make sure to read you some really good history books that will instill in you an understanding of and passion for the best franchise in professional sports. By the time you are actually able to form opinions on such matters, the team will hopefully be ready to make a playoff run. Go Browns and happy upcoming birthday. Love you- Uncle Jimbo.

Rachel Elek said...

Oh Jim...your sweet!!! Your going to make me cry even when your being slightly ridiculous!


Joshua said...

Is Norah German?


Joshua said...

uhm...Carrie Babcock will not be encouraging anyone to not arrive before or after November 29th!!! I will have you note that the target birth date set by the all mighty is November 29th!!!!

Joshua said...

Oh, so Josh is at my apartment and logged in to google and I am typing all this stuff as if I am joshua elek?

When in reality this is his evil twin named...some idiot who lives in chicago?